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Category 3 Partners was established in 2012 by Peter Robichau after he had spent 15 years working in the Information Security Field. From his earliest days in the industry he was always curious, and always learning.  If he wasn't inspecting packets and dissecting traffic, he was soaking in all of the information he could about the latest and greatest technologies, threats and trends in the industry.

Fast forward to the present and Peter brings with him a deep knowledge of many business sectors and a thorough understanding of what it takes to mitigate the risks posed by the bad actors who are out to exploit the systems that drive our businesses.

Peter is a noted author and public speaker who has shared his insights with thousands, and whose work has been featured in many media outlets across the globe.

Our deep understanding of regulatory requirements, risk management, identity and access, protective technologies and program development / management, we are uniquely poised to help you achieve your goals of a secure environment.

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